Ethical Travel Agent

What does it mean to be an ethical travel agent?

This means that you will be working with someone who will treat your vacation the way that it should be.

We have certain guidelines that we as an agency will follow:

  • We will always apply payments directly to the client's trips
  • We will always require a credit card authorization from along with appropriate documentation as required by the vendor. Otherwise, our written communications will serve as sufficient authorization for any purchases
  • We will protect the client's personal information in every way possible
  • When needed, we will provide clients with contact information for our host agency so they can verify our identity
  • We will maintain all required licensing, legal, and contractual obligations as it pertains to our travel business. We will provide this information upon request.
  • We are not insurance experts. We will offer general information and a copy of the proposed policy for review.
  • We will address any issues or concerns regarding any transaction with all relevant documentation within 14 days of a client's request for the same.